Internal Revenue Service (IRS) – Contains a complete list of tax forms and publications available for direct download. Provides tax resources, including software, preparation tips and forms and tax information for individuals, businesses and organizations.

Federal Refund Tracker – Track the status of your federal tax refund.

California State Refund Tracker – Track the status of your California state tax refund.

TAX ORGANIZERS – To get ready for your tax appointment,  tax organizers are used to help identify missing tax deductions and to help you become organized for your appointment. We update the tax organizer annually to make sure you are compliant with the latest tax law changes. Please access the organizer that fits your  needs.

2018 Basic Tax Organizer – This organizer is for clients not itemizing deductions and does not have rental property.

2018 Tax Organizer with Itemized Deductions – This organizer is for clients with itemized deductions but without rental property or self-employment expenses.

2018 Full Organizer – This organizer includes the information in the basic organizer, plus entries for itemized deductions, rental properties and self-employment expenses.